How much does it cost to install a gate motor?

How much will I pay for connecting the automation to the gate?

As a motor manufacturer, we often get questions about how much it costs to install a motor at a local installer. However, it seems to me that such a question is very difficult to answer. Why? Well, the pricing is influenced by a number of factors that translate into the final price to a greater or lesser extent. So, there is no such thing as a situation where the price of installing the same motor will always be the same on every gate. To keep things consistent, we’ve broken down these factors into 4 main categories, and we’ll provide minimum assembly prices that we got from our assembly partners. Of course, you have to consider that there are a lot of such factors, so we will deal with those that we considered the most important. So let’s move on to the minimum basic assembly prices, and then we will discuss what may increase them.

Minimum assembly prices

When it comes to the price of connecting the motor to a swing gate, the prices start with 650 PLN. For sliding gates, the installer can offer prices starting from 600 PLN, and when we want to automate the garage door, the prices start from 550 PLN. Of course, the prices refer to the assembly service itself, you also have to consider the price of the equipment.

Complicated assembly = expensive assembly

As it happens in life, the more complicated something is, the more time it takes. So, if mounting a motor on our gate is difficult, similarly, it will take more work, more time and more thinking to connect everything. Complications occur mainly due to the type of motor and the gate we have. Our gate can usually be sliding, swinging, and in case of garage doors, hinged, sectional or a roller shutter. It can be big, small, heavy, light. The motor is selected considering all of this. One is easy to install, the other takes effort. However, the situation at our gate itself can be problematic, as sometimes there is not enough space or something can get in the way. In some cases, you have to break the pavement for the installation and put it back together. More complicated mechanisms such as folding gates, turning gates, sliding gates or gates hidden in the ground are less common. They themselves cost a lot, and the motors for them require a lot of work during assembly, which only increases the price. And also the functionality itself should be well considered. Do we just want a remote control gate, or we would like to make an induction loop or have some additional accessories such as Wi-Fi or GPS control?

Warranty and Liability

The installer, when assembling the equipment, takes the responsibility that he did everything correctly and in accordance with the instructions. If something does not work after a short time, either due to a hardware failure or an assembly error, he must come and restore the equipment to normal condition. The form of the guarantee and the things required by the manufacturer in connection with it mean also a lot here. In some cases, service visits are required where an overhaul is made, which means an additional cost.

Where you live also matters

Many services are much more expensive in larger cities. It is similar with the assembly of automation (but not always, because as you can see there are many factors affecting the price). However, there is a good chance that we will pay more for the installation by living in Warsaw than in Bydgoszcz. So, will we save money by living in the countryside? Not necessarily, because if the installer needs to take a long drive to reach us, he will have to add this to the price of service. And as we have already talked about the installers, let’s move on to them.

Mr. Zbyszek or a large assembly company?

The cost of assembly is also influenced by business-related factors. It can be expected that with Mr. Zbyszek it will be a bit cheaper than with a company that employs a dozen or several dozen people and pays for the website, marketing, etc. However, it is not a dependency. Everyone can evaluate their work differently and has the right to do so. Sometimes, someone can put a lot of effort and do something cheap, and sometimes we spend a lot, and someone will do the assembly with a lick and a promise. That is something we have to deal with. However, a company (one-man or a large one), which has been on the market for several years and will make a name for itself and a reputation of a reliable fitter, can cost us much more. On the other hand, we can be sure that everything will be done as it should be. It is also worth referring to the point with complicated assembly. For sure, the installer will be able to provide the motor along with the assembly, because then he will suggest familiar equipment that is proven. The installer will also know how to mount it. If we order only the installation, already having the motor, there may be a situation that the installer will have to get to know the equipment seeing it for the first time, which will extend the assembly time and may raise the cost.

Can you save?

Yes, you can save, but we are not talking about choosing a worse quality assembly. If you have some free time, know how to tinker, you can easily mount the motor yourself. I have already written about whether it is worth it or not, so you can read more about it here. Either way, you can save 100% of the assembly price by spending a bit of your energy and time. However, if you are stubbornly looking for an assembly, it’s best to follow the opinions, explore the topic, ask around where you won’t overpay, and where you can get only a mediocre assembly for little money, where the drive may get damaged.


You can see that it is not possible to state the price of the automation directly because there are many unknowns. The price may be different for each of you. The best solution will be to make an appointment with the installer so that he can evaluate the installation carefully. You can also choose one of our motors that you can easily assemble by yourself.